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Well, on Killian's side he definitely considers Emma his TL/soulmate, and we know Colin considers him Emma's soulmate. As for what Killian would call himself retaining to Emma? I'd say he'd just consider himself 'HERS'. He's more than a lover, more than friend, and every other label, but only if she accepts him.

Yeah, like he knows that he’s with her and he wouldn’t want to be with anyone else, so he’d leave it up to HER to decide what they are or aren’t, you know? It’s like he had needs to control people before, but with Emma, he’s very much okay with surrendering control to her, but not in a way where she you know, controls everything and he has no say  (like what seems to be going on with Snow and Charming). They’re very much partners, but he’s not afraid to defer to her when need be, and I think she feels the same about him.

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Anonymous said:
I understand why you have started this blog. Yet, while some SQers can make far reaching context connections, the potential is there. Yet, we will never get it because it is gay. Ships like Sleeping Warrior (promising its viewers a LGBT character and then dropping her after admitting her feelings) is proof queer baiting is on OUAT. And we, as a ship, have been bullied publicly (Fairytales II) and online. We aren't all angels, but it's cause of blogs like this, I know I'm not welcome as a Oncer.


See, this is where you have it wrong. The fact that it’s not going to happen is because the writer’s just don’t want to go in that direction. It has nothing to do with it being a “gay” ship. And blanket statements like that are what hurts your fandom more than anything else. Just because you may SEE the potential, it does not mean it’s actually there or that it’s going to happen. I used to see the potential in Golden Swan, but I never harassed the writer’s over it. There is TONS of potential with Red Beauty, but I’ve also never seen people pester the writer’s to make it happen as some sort of queer crusade. What makes SQ so damn special that some fans feel like they’re more entitled to it? I think that’s part of the reason why there’s so much side-eyeing at the Swen fandom—too many of the fans feel like they are owed something and that they, above everyone else, are seeing the “truth,” when it’s just not so.

Shipping is supposed to be fun, and I want you and everyone else to enjoy your ship. I want it to make you and others happy. I think it’s wonderful. But when you state as fact (instead of opinion) that it’s endgame or that there’s queer baiting going on with SQ, you really can’t expect everyone to take your word as gospel, not when the writer’s and actors have denied it repeatedly. That’s called willful ignorance. And I feel like that’s why part of the Swen fandom is such a big turnoff to some people.

I agree that Sleeping Warrior was hardcore queer baiting, especially since we haven’t even seen Mulan since. But there is no queer baiting going on with Swan Queen. There just isn’t. The writer’s have said time and again that they haven’t nor intend to write Emma and Regina as a romantic couple. That doesn’t mean you can’t ship them or have headcanons or make fanart or whatever. But when you say that “x and y is happening, it’s real, it’s canon, it’s queer baiting, etc,” you’re basically saying you know more than the writer’s and the actors. I know you want to have hope for your ship, but sometimes you just have to accept that it’s not going to happen and move on.

And I also agree about the bullying. I’ve seen it on facebook and twitter. Those people saying rude, homophobic things are disgusting and should be ashamed of themselves. They are the scum of the earth. But the thing is, people like me and people like them are not mutually exclusive. Many Oncers have very valid reasons for not shipping SQ, and it has jack shit to do with the fact that it’s a lesbian pairing. Yet we’re the ones being called homophobic and bigoted. It’s another blanket statement. “You don’t ship SQ? You MUST be homophobic!” I’ve seen this statement time and time again being tossed around easily. I know not all SQers say that, but that’s a very serious word to just throw around so causally to people like me who have these anti-blogs. It cheapens the word and the real struggles queer people have gone through.

I’m sorry you don’t feel welcome in the fandom. People who are truly bigoted and homophobic can go swallow a knife. The world doesn’t need them. But people like me, as well as other anti-blogs, we have valid concerns with SQ and parts of the fandom. These concerns have nothing to do with homophobia. Mostly it’s about how the BA SQers treat others—including the actors, writers of the show, and even shippers within their own fandom. No fandom is perfect. They all have BA’s. Hell, I wish more people would call them out on it instead of turning a blind eye. All I’m doing is holding a mirror up to some of these people who have made heinous remarks to try and show them how ridiculous they sound. 

(long post is long, my apologies)

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FANGIRL CHALLENGE ♔ fifteen pairings {7/15}

↬ Niles & CC Babcock (The Nanny, 1993-1999)

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Anonymous said:
What do you think Killian considers himself concerning Emma?

I don’t really know. I mean, I think he considers himself someone who has great affection for her, but I don’t know what term for that he would use.

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Anonymous said:
Have you ever posted something in the heat of the moment without checking your wording and not fully thinking how you sound? No accusation, just curious.

not really. I mean, sometimes when I make posts about stuff related to politics, I word my feelings strongly, but it’s never anything I feel sorry about. :)

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Jared Gilmore wants more Captain Cobra.






"It was just revealed I’m going to be spending some time with Gold but another character I think it would be more interesting to spend time with is Captain Hook. Because Captain Hook was telling Henry about Neal but that was when Henry had no idea but I think it would be interesting NOW for Henry to learn more about his Dad when he was younger"




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Anonymous said:
Do you think Killian knows what boyfriend means in our world? I'm just curious of his reaction if someone's call him Emma's boyfriend?

Well, I think if he DID know what boyfriend meant and heard it used in connection with him and Emma, it would lead to him chuckling cause it’s such a juvenile way of classifying a relationship, you know? I’m sure he would have other, more romantic descriptors of what Emma is to him, and what he is to her.

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Because of the life that I lead, I just think it’s better to not be with someone that I could really care about.

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Belle, when we met, I wasn’t just unloved and unloving. I was an enemy of love. Love had only brought me pain.

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If you claim to be a feminist and you shame girls for wanting to do traditional things like take their husband’s last name or be a house wife then you are doing it all completely wrong.

Feminism isn’t an elite group who defeats gender norms, it’s a group who accepts ALL women’s choices.

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I love you

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Katia Winter and John Noble on the weirdness of playing mother and son on 'Sleepy Hollow'

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Happy 109th birthday Clara Bow! 29th July 1905.

I loved her. She was so generous, no snootiness or anything. She was wonderful to me.”
- Jean Arthur

"I felt Clara was just marvelous, and I loved her. I feel very sorry for her, terribly sorry for her personally. She had such a sad life."
- Colleen Moore

"I was introduced to Clara Bow. I think we just said ‘hello.’ She was a bit nervous and was seemingly in haste. She was there to act and perform and she wanted to get started. I remember she was very nice and not an ‘It’ Girl at all. She was very quiet and not talkative. She wore a pleated skirt with a big belt around her waist and was very graceful. I could tell how talented she was because she could use her face so well. Whenever she spoke, her eyebrows would go up. She was very small with lovely hair over her forehead and great big eyes. She seemed insecure about the talkies and found the whole thing overwhelming. I remember hearing her say, ‘It’s all so new to me.’ She was all alone there. She’d go into make-up alone and do it herself and she’d come on the set alone. She didn’t depend on anybody. I didn’t think the studio was supporting her. She was such a big star and I think she could have had a longer career if they had been more helpful. I was impressed with what a nice girl she really was."
- Marian Marsh

"On Screen she was bigger than anybody. But off the screen she disappeared like an over-exposed negative."
- Louise Brooks

“Clara Bow is the quintessence of what the term ‘flapper’ signifies as a definite description: pretty, impudent, superbly assured, as worldly-wise, briefly-clad and ‘hard-berled’ as possible. There were hundreds of them, her prototypes. Now, completing the circle, there are thousands more, patterning themselves after her. It is rather futile to analyse flappers. They are just girls, all sorts of girls, their one common trait being that they are young things with a splendid talent for living.”
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

"When she is on the screen nothing else matters. When she is off, the same is true".
- Photoplay

"Then we were doing the death scene—Josef von Sternberg was directing that. She was dying, and I was kneeling beside her, weeping. She was chewing gum. She had this great wad of gum in her face when they said, ‘All right, Clara, get the gum out. We’re going to shoot the scene.’ She took the gum out, put it back of her ear, and died. Well, that struck me as so funny, I howled, and they had to wait for me to stop laughing before I could cry again."
- Esther Ralston

"If ever a star was made by public demand, it was Clara Bow."
- Adela Rogers St. Johns

"When Bow was at her height in pictures we could make a story with her in it and gross a million and a half, where another actress would gross half a million in the same picture and with the same cast."
- David Selznick

"This girl was the real thing, someone to stir every pulse in the nation."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald.

"There was no rivalry whatever between us. She had her part and I had mine. But I feel very sorry because one night, I think it was the night we finished the picture, I was giving a big party at my house and I had to rush home. Her dressing room was right next door to mine, and she must have known that I was giving a big party. All the Hollywood people, directors and everybody, were coming. She was standing in her doorway, and she said, ‘You’re having a party, aren’t you, Esther?’ I said, ‘Yes. Oh, would you like to come, Clara?’ ‘No, no’ she said, ‘I know you don’t want me.’ I’ve never forgotten that."
- Esther Ralston

"… Clara Bow lingers in the eye, long after the picture has gone."
Variety, 1924

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