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What's your opinion of Esther as a mother from the flashbacks we have of her? I find her subtly controlling and very warped. Why did she never stand up to Michel?

Oh, she’s definitely warped. (Keep in mind that I’ve yet to watch any TO flashbacks of her.) But just the few in TVD were enough. She’s definitely the same sort of parent as Mikael, where she doesn’t see her children as children to care for, but things to be manipulated and used. I mean, she might have loved them when they were young, in her own messed up way, but the older they got, the more removed she became from them until she basically was more a witch than a mother, and perfectly content to let Mikael terrorize as he chose.


1920’s long bead flapper dress


1920’s long bead flapper dress

Klaus and Elijah could sustain the show if the show was about TVD Klaus and TVD Elijah. If the show was about the Originals. If the show had some decent writing. People wanted Klaus and Elijah and got Hayley and a baby. People wanted the Originals and got OOC and misogyny. People wanted the Originals as seen in TVD and Plec wanted to give a Klayley family with new members and cast away the Originals people loved. So yeah Elijah and Klaus cannot sustain the show. NO ONE could sustain THIS show.




"America is a land of freedom!!11!!"





sam’s not gonna make it to that law school interview is he


What if the series ends with Sam in an office having just finished explaining to the Dean of Admissions why he is 10 years late for his interview. 

And Dean and Cas are peering in through the window giving a thumbs up ready to corroborate his story.

"Unlike some male fashion designers who love nothing more than to embellish, shackle and encase female bodies, de la Renta always put the woman first, once musing, “It’s only fashion when a woman puts it on.” His clothes, particularly the red carpet gowns he was famous for, were impossibly flattering and always highlighted the wearer rather than adorning or overpowering her."






a quick reminder:

not everyone knows what is and isn’t offensive

not everyone has the knowledge you do on slurs and their impact

so how about instead of bullying people who are wrong and writing them off as terrible people, you try educating them?

And if you say “it’s not my job to educate them” but you consider yourself an activist, you are not a very good activist.

Well, it's been confirmed that flashbacks of Young Emma and the Snow Queen will appear more episodes this season. Clearly, it's a big story, and so far, Emma seems her prime reason for being in SB.. I mean, last episode she actually left a trail for Emma to follow because she wants to speak to her alone.

GAH!!!! I’m gonna go crazy having to wait until Sunday to see what the connection is between them.

I like how they seem to be paralleling Emma's friendship with Lily in the past with her present friendship with Elsa. I wonder how she meets the SQ?

I don’t know. Lots of people are saying she was one of Emma’s foster moms or something and based on the look she gave Emma when she first saw her, I bet they were close at one point and that Emma meant a lot to her.


i was never jealous of barbie’s body

i was jealous of all the shit she had and that fucking mansion and her pimp ass car and her hot boyfriend




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